Our partners’ commitment is underlined by a new impressive investment in their infrastructure.

Maes 0.0% have installed a new water-efficient bottle filler at their Alken brewery, in a move that further demonstrates their commitment to our #itstartswithus sustainability project.

Earlier in the month, we revealed that Maes has 6 000 solar panels to help produce clean and renewable energy to power the Alken plant, with the news of their new water efficient plans proving further their efforts to increase sustainability and to protect our environment.

The new infrastructure has already seen an equivalent saving of 7 swimming pools of water per week. The plant now only uses 3.8 liters of water per litre of water produced, with Maes already committing to reducing this to 3.2 liters by 2030, which would be almost half of the 6 liters of water used to make 1 liter traditionally.

Maes’ investment in the new water filler will not only benefit them financially, but is also a big step to help protect our planet and build a more sustainable future for us all, as Tjeerd Meijer, Supply Chain Director, explained: “Water is the ultimate shared resource. It is a basic human right which sustains entire ecosystems and is vital to our business; beer is 95% water and great beer requires high quality water. As such, it is our responsibility as brewers to use water as sustainably and sparingly as possible. Sustainable water use will continue to be a priority for us.”