At the start of the 2020 season, Deceuninck – Quick-Step launched their sustainability campaign, aimed at protecting the environment that we race in – #OurStadium. The team launched a manifesto of pledges, which are a set of guidelines that the team will adhere to in order to help our planet.

The pledges in the manifesto were underpinned by a stated aim to become carbon neutral. To do this, we have joined forces with Co2 Logic, which saw the team support two carbon offsetting projects; one which supplied fresh drinking water in Uganda, thus reducing deforestation and carbon emissions, and a second that helped stop the deforestation around Mont Ventoux. As well as being an iconic venue in cycling, the Ventoux project also helps to reforest the natural habitat of wild wolves, really evoking the Wolfpack Spirit.


The team has pledged to a “manifesto of changes” that is aimed to reduce its environmental impact, make positive changes that can help reduce its wastage and help to educate riders, staff, partners, and supporters on the subject, with the hope of evolving habits. The pledges are:

  • Reducing the usage of plastic in the next two years and increasing recycling
  • Creating consciousness and networking among the team’s partners / suppliers
  • Promoting selling of recycled product through the team’s digital platform
  • Encouraging fans and partner staff to travel more via bicycle
  • Reducing the energy consumption at the headquarters
  • Dividing and recycling the waste and using biodegradable products as much as possible
  • Promoting the culture of recycling and reduce littering
  • Educating riders and staff to respect the environment
  • Offset our remaining CO2 emissions by supporting certified climate projects