The three teams that make up our cycling family: Soudal Quick-Step, AG Insurance Soudal Quick-Step women’s team, and the Soudal Quick-Step Devo team have partnered with the Belgian charity Tele-Onthaal, to launch the #PartofthePack mental health awareness campaign. 

The three teams have become increasingly aware of the pressures of modern life and the toll that this has taken on our mental health. This is why we have launched our #PartofthePack initiative, aimed at encouraging people to look after their mental health, open up conversations about our personal mental wellbeing and looking after each other’s mental health. Our family of team’s earned the nickname of The Wolfpack because of its close-knit community, where we all support each other and work as a team and we want to bring this philosophy to the battle against mental health - it is a team effort.

To do this we have teamed up with Tele-Onthaal, who will support the initiative. They are a Belgian based organisation, who offer support and help to those who are struggling with their mental health, as well as partnering similar organisations, based in countries across the world. They will support our team, staff, and fans, as we strive to remove the stigmas of talking about mental health, as well as offering tips on how to look after your own mental health and how to start conversations with those that you think maybe suffering.  As a world leading sports team, we are also very aware of the positive effect that exercise and fresh air can have on our mental wellbeing, and we will be looking to promotes the positives of this as much as possible. 

We have worked with Tele-Onthaal to build a number of tips on how to take care of your mental health, that of your loved ones, and start conversations about our mental health. You can see them at '10 tips to take care of yourself' and '10 tips to take care of others'.

You can also find details of organisations throughout Europe that can offer support and advise on talking about mental health on this link -