Our latest project aims to support the farmers.

Ever aware of the climate change, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team has been committed to protecting the planet and our natural environment in collaboration with CO2logic, a South Pole Company. Within the #ItStartsWithUs initiative, the team started several projects the last years. Getting the support of sponsor Specialized, the team launches an auction of a special Roubaix frame.

The profits will go directly to Soil Capital, a Belgian organisation supporting farmers to reduce land disturbance, to decrease the use of synthetic fertilizers and to maintain biodiversity in the ecosystem. “Cycling and regenerative agriculture both offer inspiring and very concrete solutions to tackle today's environmental challenges, particularly felt this year. All of these actions contribute to the return of carbon and life to the soil, to more abundant and healthy food, and to the health of the countryside through which the riders pass”, added Chuck de Liedekerke, CEO of Soil Capital.

The unique Roubaix frame is completely in lign with the sustainability terms, referring to the Ventoux forest. It is left raw carbon and instead of paint, the texture and color is drawn on by hand with charcoal. The same material that the forest was once pillaged for. The texture represents the fur of the wolves that have been fighting for survival in this territory, wolves representing also the second skin of the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team, The Wolfpack.

The splashes of color disrupt the dark raw pigments on the frame to symbolize brightness you find in new life. The manifesto of the team’s sustainability project can also be found in the concept, mirrored in chrome forcing the person looking at the frame to look at themselves, and remember that they too play a role in the fight to save our planet.

This design is only done on this one special Roubaix frame (56cm) and it can be yours!

Check out further details on the auction, here!